Saddle Fitting

Mitch Bradley is now one of the The English Saddle Co Approved Fitters and she can offer test rides, re-fits, minor rebalances via home visits and dates at central venues.

As a NSC fitter she is fully trained in working with the NSC’s Full range of saddles. 

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Mitch Bradley we cannot thank you enough for all your help and support in fitting a saddle to my daughters very hard to fit showjumping pony! We always knew the pony had lots of talent but she was always rushing into the jumps and basically unreliable in the show ring!

I spoke to you at Xmas classic and you came and looked at her and said her saddle was a huge cause of things! And boy were you right! You offered us to bring the pony to your arena and to try a variety of saddles and did a fitting! I was dubious of having to buy a saddle specifically for a pony but surprisingly it was my husband who said it had to be done as she was ‘an athlete and she can’t be expected to do her job in substandard gear’ !

Mitch was 100 percent spot on with the best fit for the pony – we turned out the pony and waited for the saddle to arrive! The moment my daughter rode in the new saddle it was a different creature! She tracked up so much more, her hind quarters actually swung when she walked and her shoulders were so much more loose and free!

We had only had the saddle a few days and my daughter took the pony to a x country day for the first time ever as she was too dangerous to ride x country previously- well it was amazing ! She jumped everything beautifully and no rushing – the big test was 3 days later when she competed for the Bay Hoy Showjumping Team!

She came first in every event and qualified for the team and for the first time I could watch her rounds without feeling like I was going to be sick! We as a family are so so grateful as watching this combo is now a joy to watch rather than a stressful experience which has ironically been purely down to Mitch seeing the problem and fitting the pony with the correct saddle!

Thanks again Mitch !

Hayley Whistler