250g Pot of Courage

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Pot of Courage is a unique and versatile leather dressing. The product will ensure to leave your leather supple, soft and totally rejuvenated. The product includes a selection of natural oils as well as a mould retardant to safe guard your gear.

Unlike other dressings Courage is hand friendly so application is fast, affective and leaves your hands moisturised.

Courage is suitable for all types of leather and upholstery. So keep a pot of Courage in your cupboard to ensure long leather life.

250g Pot of Courage could be coming your way soon!

50g Available HERE

2 reviews for 250g Pot of Courage

  1. Jacky (verified owner)

    Awesome awesome stuff. Great after a wet day out hunting. My gear is the best it has ever been …..AND my friend has just used it to completely heal her cracked heels so it is human friendly too!!


    Awesome on all types of leather! I have used it on a few jackets and belts too! It also does wonders for my eczema! Got rid of all of it on my hands after doing my belts and decided to try it elsewhere! Worked like a treat!

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